The SWAT Team: Consistent Service and Dedication

CLICK TO CALLOur SWAT Team is mainly driven by the mission to consistently meet, or even exceed, the needs of our consumers, wherever they are in Brisbane. We believe in performing optimally when it comes to providing safety as we treat our customers to efficient, cost-effective and home-friendly pest control solutions.

SWAT Pest Control technician servicing a Brisbane home

Proudly serving Brisbane homes for over a decade.

Our Company Roots

Our business was spearheaded by Max Messina, who has been in the Pest Control Industry for over 11 years now. He believes in maintaining homes the organic way, as the more earth-friendly methods cost less and are as effective, if not better than usual chemical means. Throughout the Wynnum Manly Redlands and Brisbane suburbs, Max has gained trust by addressing pest problems the way they should be dealt with.

Natural Approach

By delving into natural pest control, Max has uncovered a more logical solution to prevent imbalance among organisms and sudden invasions by natural pests. By also pushing for least toxic solutions and incorporating them into the entirety of the team’s usual procedures, customers can see the contrast between us and traditional pest control treatments – the latter having the bad reputation of smelling terrible. With SWAT’s latest product integrations, however, you will never have to worry about bad odour anymore.

Consistently Prioritizing Customers’ Needs

Our stance on consistency is also integrated into our list of priorities – one, we want to make potent and long-lasting results for our customers, and second, we want to make our treatments as painless and as hassle-free as possible. We believe that having a pest problem isn’t just personal, but is also a huge threat to the whole community.

Professional and high-quality jobs are ensured with every visit, and this is achieved by thorough investigations prior to treatment and the follow up jobs conducted after successful pest termination. We believe that this is the effective way of earning our customers’ trust, which always tops our list of priorities.

Our procedures are not merely canvassed from the common treatment trends used by our competitors, but are further developed to fully deliver in all kinds of situations. We always look for ways to improve our services, and we are always on the watch for potentially persistent pests that may be immune to certain treatments. We also find it important to impart basic knowledge on pest prevention to our clients, as this is another way of extending our services to our beloved customers.

We Are Here to Help

As we constantly focus on these considered mandates that inspire how we run our business, there is a better chance for us to limit and lessen costly damages caused by pests. It also largely helps us determine how we can be of better service to new customers, and how we can provide more win-win solutions for everyone else in need of our help.
There is more to just pest management – not being able to address certain problems can put a lot of things at risk, and so we make it our team’s daily mission to provide as much as we can in manners more convenient to people.

Let us help you! We will gladly attend to your needs – please phone our friendly staff at 07 3901 0420.

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