Ant Pest Control and Solution in Brisbane


For prevention and eradication of green, black and carpenter ants in the Brisbane area, SWAT Pest Control Services uses advanced techniques honed over 20 years of experience. An army of hungry ants may be slow-moving and easy to see, but due to their methodical raiding strategies they require professional ant control experts to truly eliminate. Only by setting up chemical barriers and then dealing with the entire colony or nest can they be permanently dealt with.

Regular traps and sprays may kill a certain number of these ants in Brisbane homes, but without further action the queen can simply lay more eggs to make up for the shortfall. Moreover, all entry points must be chemically treated to ensure proper ant control in Brisbane, as ants will patiently explore every possible alternative way into your home or business before giving up and going elsewhere.

The various types of ants, their different food preferences and their habit of building nests underground all mean that a comprehensive and informed approach is needed to make them truly disappear. Ant control in the Brisbane area is crucial to hygiene and food safety, and for this reason a non-toxic chemical solution is necessary for the long term.

SWAT Pest Control Services offers

the most advanced home treatments available for ant and pest control in Brisbane. To arrange for a professional visit to your home or business, call us on 07-3901 0420 or use the form below for a free quote – and we’ll solve your ant problem, once and for all.

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