End of lease and rental property pest control in Brisbane

At SWAT pest control we are more than capable of carrying out end of lease pest control treatments on any rental property in the Brisbane area, in a way that causes you the least hassle. Moving home can be stressful and expensive enough. You certainly don’t need any last-minute issues with your end of lease agreement. This is why it’s always worth considering an end of lease pest control service.

    End of lease pest control in Brisbane

    End of lease pest control can vary from property to property and contract to contract. The first and most important step you should take is to check your contract for details. Many of the common pests found in the Brisbane area are cockroaches, rodents, silverfish, spiders, termites and more. So it is very important to know what treatment needs to be carried out at the end of the lease.

    Once you know what your contract says, it is time to book your end of lease treatment. With most rental properties you will have to ensure that you are leaving it in pristine condition. A professional clean is often required, just remember to book your end of lease pest control for after the cleaning has been done.

    At SWAT pest control in Brisbane, we understand all that you need to know for thorough and effective pest control. We cannot only thoroughly and efficiently remove any pests from your property, but can also remind you to book any treatments for at least the day after the cleaning is done. Many pest control treatments can be lessened or even removed by a cleaner. We won’t let this happen to you.

    Customer care is at the centre of our work, so if you are struggling to find a day that suits you, or if you won’t be in the building at all by that point, don’t worry. We are happy to use keys left in a safe place or pick them up from the real estate office for free if it is nearby. Or for a small fee for fuel if it is further afield.

    End of lease flea treatment and fumigation in Brisbane

    The majority of rental properties require flea fumigation at the end of a lease, and you must show proof of a treatment being carried out to your landlord or rental agency. The reason for this is simple. Flea eggs can lie hidden for months, and they can live dormant as pupae for several months as well.

    Fleas are a serious problem for many renters, so it is no wonder that so many contracts require treatment when you leave. Particularly essential for those with pets, a thorough flea fumigation will kill off any fleas as well as any eggs that may have escaped even in a deep cleaning.


    Even if you don’t have pets, fleas can still be carried into your property attached to your clothes or shoes. And once they are in your home, they are tricky to get rid of. If you fail to choose the right end of lease pest control company and they cut corners or don’t do a good enough job, you will have to pay twice for the same service.

    SWAT end of lease pest control in Brisbane, uses the most effective yet safe treatments to eradicate fleas, leaving your landlord and future tenants happy and satisfied. Don’t risk missing eggs or having to pay twice, choose SWAT for an experienced team that will do the job perfectly the first time.

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    Rental property, bond and exit pest control in Brisbane
    While many properties only require you to have flea fumigation, others require general pest control to be carried out. You need to ensure that you exit the property in a fit state for the next tenants or risk financial penalties. Bond pest control needs to be done right in order to get your bond, or deposit, returned to you. We can combine the two and carry out a complete pest treatment of your rental property for a fantastic price. When you leave your rental property in Brisbane, remember that exit pest control could well be essential to your leaving successfully with your bond/deposit in hand. If you want to ensure that your end of lease fumigation treatment is carried out correctly and with the minimal hassle, contact SWAT pest control for a quote and get your treatments booked in today.

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