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A nuisance to humans and pets alike, fleas can only be effectively dealt with by professional methods that get to the source of the problem. SWAT Pest Control Services in Brisbane can put a stop to these disease-carriers quickly through an odourless and environmentally friendly chemical spray, which prevents their return by also destroying the next generation of fleas whose eggs are waiting to hatch.

    As with other types of infestations, treatments and halfhearted efforts at eradication will, at best, only cause the invaders to adapt. A truly successful approach must be the type of thorough pest control for fleas in north Brisbane that our own local ‘SWAT’ team can provide. Our services take full advantage of recent advances in chemical technology for flea control, leaving your home or business completely protected and safe from both fleas and toxins.
    Like most parasites, a failure to deal with them at their source means that they will soon multiply and cause even more problems in the future. Our experienced professionals use a proper flea and pest control approach that puts an end to these nasties and keeps them away for good.
    With such fast and long-lasting relief just a phone call away, there’s simply no need to keep suffering and scratching. Contact SWAT Pest Control Services in Brisbane for complete pest and flea control around Wynnum and other suburbs, or if you live in the city center itself. To set up an appointment, call us on 07 3901 0420 or use the form below, and don’t worry – peace and comfort is on its way.

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    Offers the most advanced home treatments available for ant and pest control in Brisbane. To arrange for a professional visit to your home or business, call us on 07 3901 0420 or use the form below for a free quote – and we’ll solve your ant problem, once and for all.


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