Rats/Rodents/Mice Pest Control in Brisbane


Rodents pose a significant health and safety risk due to food contamination, the spreading of disease, as well as breakages that result from them actively searching for food around homes and businesses. Addressing an infestation of rats or mice is never a simple task, but our team of mouse removal experts has decades of experience in rodent control around Brisbane, northside and elsewhere.
Rats and mice are often too quick to kill manually and tend to even be too intelligent to catch in the act of stealing food. They do leave unmistakable signs of their presence, however – such as scratching sounds through the walls, empty and chewed-through food packages, and damage to other materials such as wood, paper and plastic. When you contact SWAT Pest Control Services, you’ll give yourself the advantage of having a professional rat exterminator in Brisbane on your side. With a variety of advanced traps at our disposal, we can catch and neutralise all manner of rodents on your property. Our priority is to ensure that your home or commercial property is protected from future invaders for a long time to come.
Our modern and refined methods of pest control for mice and rats has a proven track record for success, protecting our clients’ property from these pests and relieving plenty of headaches in the process. For long-lasting solutions on mice removal and other related issues, call us on 07 3901 0420 today, and let the professional mouse control experts on our ‘SWAT’ team take care of you.

SWAT Pest Control Services

Offers the most advanced home treatments available for ant and pest control in Brisbane. To arrange for a professional visit to your home or business, call us on 07 3901 0420 or use the form below for a free quote – and we’ll solve your ant problem, once and for all.

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